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The debut EP from Melbourne indie rock outfit Big Jumanji & the Coathangers. Encompassing five tales of modern life seen through the eyes of five young Australians, this EP harks back to the classic rock and pop of the 70s and 80s; particularly that glorious, excessive and mullet-heavy period that was the 1980s. Best consumed loud.


released November 27, 2015

Big Jumanji & the Coathangers ARE -

Sam Shineberg - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Daniel Watson - Backing Vocals, Drums
Nick Somervaille - Backing Vocals, Guitar
Luke Champion - Vocals, Keyboards
Gonok Marak - Backing Vocals, Bass




Big Jumanji & the Coathangers Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Paper Planes
Fold me up and throw me away
Loved for a moment, but forgotten the next day
Thoughts congeal inside my brain
Like paper planes out in the rain
The creases disappear like they were never there

Everyday I'm closer to the ground
Losing height and speed without a sound
Plans collapse inside my mind like paper planes
they're left behind,
And never thought about again

But I don't wanna know
I just want to be left alone
Let me lose myself on a breeze please
Gliding technicolor with such ease
Track Name: Breathe Easy
Who am I fighting for
Whose fool am I now?
Someone's in the mirror but it isn't me I'm sure
Face to the fatal flaw
I hope like a foolish man
Drawn two ways but your hold on me is sure

I breathe easy, with a lighter load
My heart is heavy, it's pumping slow
Too many straws on my back, I'll crack I know
Lighten my load

Tell me that I'll be alright
You are sweet to me
Waiting for the lightning strike but I believe you, sweet
Story that I didn't write
You have come for me
Drawn two ways but your hold on me is tight

Breathe easy - I wanna breathe
Track Name: Corner
It doesn't get dark round here like it did back home
With the starlight and the moonlight making silver of the waves and the foam,
It's a dirty yellow light on the platform, reflected in the clouds
And I never felt so alone here as I do now

I see water flowing on downhill
I see myself just standing still

So come on all you minions of worry and trouble, form a line
Fix your bayonets I'm ready, we will have it out this time
I fumed inside my house of gold I locked the door to stall the enemy
But all my reserves are sold I'd give anything to be free

Come on 'round the corner when it comes to carry me
My train to the shoreline yeah my river to the sea

And I demanded, to be left alone, inside my cave
I demanded, to be just myself, that's what you gave
There's no one left to blame, and one thing left to learn
When you've gone your furthest, is when you return
Track Name: Science Fiction
I see you today
But then tomorrow you're gone
And you're still there
In my eyes anyway
Perhaps I'm living with your ghost
Even though you're still alive
And I'm dreading to think what you're doing right now
While I'm sitting here alone
With nobody by my side
Except my thoughts and my own bed of ruin

Maybe you'll forget me

A million miles away
You might as well be in another universe
Or on another plane
Another dimension
Every time I hear your voice
Well my thoughts are just the same
I think of all the different people who've heard it
And just how much they could have heard
And how much they might have seen
Have they seen anything that I haven't?

Maybe you'll forget me

Who knows if it's all in my head or not
Maybe it's all in my brain?
Maybe it's all just science fiction
Or maybe I'm going insane?
But then again maybe it's all true
Maybe you're living a lie
I never, ever, ever want to find out but
I'm going to try

I sit alone and listen to the rain
As it falls in my head
The light dances all round my mind
Is it dead? Is it dead?
Oh couldn't you think of a line
That hasn't already been said
In some film that you've never seen?